Tado ST1 Smart Thermostat


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Tado ST1 Smart Thermostat

Replace your old thermostat with the internet-connected tado° Smart Thermostat and experience a new level of comfort and control while saving energy and money. Using your phone’s location, tado° automatically turns down the heat when you leave home and warms up before you arrive so you don’ spend more than you have to.

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tado° uses the residents’ locations to adapt heating heats up when someone heads home and turns down when the last person leaves so that no energy is wasted.

Weather forecast integration

tado° uses local weather forecasts in real time to control your heating most effi ciently, e.g. heat less on a sunny day.

Building characteristics integration

Your home is unique. tado° quickly works out how fast it heats up and cools down to make sure your heating always starts at the right time.

Energy savings

tado° reduces your heating bill by up to 31%, saving you £200+ annually. It pays for itself within a year while increasing your home’s energy effi ciency.

Insightful reports

Instant access to your temperature and heating activity report for your home.

Heating system alerts

tado° informs you about any problem with your heating system so that it always runs fl awlessly. Get tips, alerts and instant help for complete peace of mind.

Hot water control

tado° can also control your hot water: set a schedule or let tado° manage it automatically. In some cases the tado° Extension Kit might be needed.

Tech Specifications

For iOS 9, Android 4.0.3, Windows 10 or above

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