Installation Services


Professional Installation

Why do I need professional installation?

A professional installation of your new products by an expert engineer from Chapmans helps to assure a lifetime of trouble free operation. Just select this option during the checkout process!

Installation will typically take place on the day of delivery, so you won't be left with an obtrusive box in your home awaiting a separate visit.

Our team are experts in installing everything from TVs, washing machines and dishwashers, to American-style side-by-side fridge freezers and built-in or integrated appliances. They'll even make any necessary cabinet alterations for fitting integrated appliances, making Chapmans your one stop shop for quality, service and value.

Friendly and courteous and with a wealth of experience behind them, our engineers have the benefit of collective knowledge dating all the way back to 1925, when Mr. Ewart Chapman first opened the doors. It was mainly radios in those days though and a few years until anything resembling the appliances of today became available.

When we install your new appliance for you we want to leave your home looking at least as good as when we arrived. We will ensure all work areas are left clean and tidy and will take away all packaging.

If you chose recycling during checkout, we will also take away your old appliance. Don't worry, we'll disconnect it for you as part of the installation service.


What is a Standard Installation?

Our Standard Installation service is suitable for most situations, where a Bespoke Installation is not required.

Standard installation covers the disconnection of your old appliance, unpacking of your new appliance and removing any hidden bolts or clips that prevent damage from occurring in transit, positioning of your new product into it's new home and connection to your existing services, within reach of the standard equipment supplied with your purchase.

For example, a standard installation of a freestanding washing machine would include:

  • Disconnecting and uninstalling your old washing machine
  • If you selected the recycling option, taking it away too
  • Carefully unpacking your new washing machine
  • Clearing and taking away the packaging materials
  • Removing the hidden transit bolts and clips
  • Positioning in place
  • Connection to an electrical outlet, within reach of the cable
  • Connection to your water outlet, within reach of the inlet hoses
  • Connection to your drainage, within reach of the drain hose
  • Levelling the machine in situ and ensuring it is safe and secure
  • Tidying up the work area
  • Testing and checking for any leaks
  • A brief demonstration of how to use your new washer
  • Answering any questions you have about it
  • Thanking you for your custom and leaving everything as we found it before we leave.

We do not want to damage your property during installation, so in some circumstances a Standard Installation may not be possible. Below are some examples of why a standard installation may not be appropriate:

  • Your old appliance is hard wired into a fused spur
  • Your old appliance has tap connections that have seized up
  • Your old appliance cannot be moved

If you have any concerns, please get in touch before ordering.


What is a Bespoke Installation?

We also offer a Bespoke Installation service, if required. By nature, bespoke installations vary greatly in requirements from one to the next so we're not able to offer this service through the website.

Where you might need a bespoke installation would be, for example, if there were no electrical outlet nearby. Being a fully fledged electrical contractor aswell we can perform any electrical work necessary, from adding a socket to a complete rewire.

As one of the longest registered with the NICEIC, the national body which ensures electrical safety and standards are upheld, and an active member of the Electrical Contractors Association, you couldn't choose better.

Please give us a call on 01384 566497 or contact us by any other means. We will help you to assess what is needed and advise of the cost to do so, then make arrangements with you to perform any preparatory work and carry out the installation. Just let us know what you need and we'll take care of the rest!


Can you install something I didn't buy from Chapmans?

Yes - We can still help!

If you purchased something elsewhere and are now wondering what to do with it, get in touch. We pride ourselves on our old-school, personal level of customer service and if you didn't buy from us this time, we hope to show why you should do next time..


How will I know it's Chapmans at the door?

Chapmans is a family business. We're naturally people oriented and thoroughly understand that privacy and security is a major concern, particularly for the elderly or vulnerable.

Whenever we can we will arrive in a Chapmans liveried vehicle. All of our engineers are DBS (CRB) checked and carry photographic identification. If you have any concerns whatsoever, please feel free to ask to see it before allowing them access to your property. You can even give us a call if you wish to verify it, on 01384 566497.

Our engineers all experienced, fully qualified and highly skilled. They will be appropriately dressed, friendly and courteous and will respect your privacy.


Do I need to do anything?

Please ensure there is somebody home! It doesn't matter if you're unable to be there yourself but please ensure there is somebody authorised to act on your behalf.

It's appreciated if you can make sure the area around the installation site and route to it is accessible and clear. This helps us to ensure both your safety and ours and allows us the access we need to complete the work.

If you have children or pets please keep them safely away from any danger while we work.


What if nobody can be home?

It is of course disappointing for you and for us but sometimes plans change, things go wrong and events just conspire to get in the way.

Please let us know as soon as you realise! We will need to cancel the visit and arrange a different date for the installation with you at a time when somebody can be available.

Please call on 01384 566497 as soon as possible.